Gitanyow Takes Stand Against Deceptive LNG Campaigns


Gitanyow Lax’yip, February 28, 2024: The Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs are calling on both levels of government to address misleading LNG advertising campaigns that threaten climate change efforts and informed decision-making.

Canada’s LNG industry claims to align with net zero strategies, yet intensified campaigns flood British Columbia and Canada, mislabeling B.C.’s natural gas as “ethical” and greenwashing its true environmental impacts.

Paid advertisements like “BC LNG Will Reduce Global Emissions” displayed on public transportation and saturating social media feeds create confusion and distort public opinion at a critical point in efforts to combat the climate crisis and when Indigenous peoples in B.C. decide whether to support LNG development.

The B.C. government and industry have long claimed that expanding liquefied natural gas from Canada can be a climate solution by displacing coal in Asia, but scientists argue that the full life cycle of LNG does not support claims of significant gains in switching from coal to gas.

“Deceptive ads threaten everyone,” says Simogyet Malii/Glen Williams.

“Total emissions from LNG development, from drilling and flaring to building pipelines and terminals to the process of liquefaction and transportation, are staggering. B.C. and Canada must ensure key facts are presented accurately so that we’re making informed decisions for the safety of our health, environment and future.”

NDP MP Charlie Angus recently introduced C-372, his private member’s bill, to end misleading advertising and promoting fossil fuels across Canada.  If passed, Bill C-372 would prohibit any fossil fuel company from advertising, promoting their products, or misleading the public regarding the health and environmental threats associated with the burning of fossil fuels.

“Calling for truth and holding industry accountable, with public involvement in the legislation, is vital at this time,” says Naxginkw, Tara Marsden, Wilp Sustainability Director for the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs. 

“The 2023 wildfire season was the most destructive in British Columbia’s history, and the drought-driven forecast for 2024 is alarming.  The environmental consequences could be devastating, but it’s essential also to recognize climate change as a public health crisis.”

Climate change, marked by extreme heat events, escalates the risk of heat-related illnesses, particularly affecting vulnerable populations.  Extreme heat and smoke from wildfires not only impact physical health but also take a toll on mental well-being, causing trauma and PTSD.  The consequence of these effects is the loss of lives, as evidenced by B.C.’s heat dome in 2021, which claimed 600 lives.

The toll extends to the loss of lives among firefighters, causing immeasurable grief within communities.  Furthermore, the destruction of forests has ripple effects, impacting wildlife, crops, and traditional foods and medicines.

There’s simply too much at risk for Indigenous communities,” says Tara.

“False ads pose a direct threat to climate progress, and we must have the ability to make informed decisions and mitigate climate impacts.”

The Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs’ call for transparency extends to Ksi Lisims LNG’s claim of being “net zero ready” with the “lowest GHG footprint of any global project.”  In their response letter to the proposed project earlier this month, Gitanyow challenged Ksi Lisims to prove their GHG reduction promises.