The goal of the Gitanyow Huwilp Society is to establish government to government agreements over time to form the foundation of a modern day treaty through an Incremental Treaty Approach, on behalf of the Gitanyow Huwilp membership. 

The Gitanyow Huwilp Society, established in 1993, was formed to represent the Gitanyow Huwilp. Mandated by our people, our mission is to protect the Lax 'Yip for the Wilp membership through land protection.

The Gitanyow have never supported the current Canadian “Land Selection” Treaty model.

"Through government to government agreements we are able to benefit from the resources from the Lax Yip without ever having to sacrifice any land, thus extinguishing the Gitanyow reliance on the Indian Act, ultimately creating a fully self reliant system in which the Gitanyow are sustained through the resources on the land."

- Glen Williams, Simogyet Malii, President


Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs Office
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