Meziadin Indigenous Protected Area

Protecting Salmon for Future Generations

The Wilp Wii Litsxw Meziadin Indigenous Protected Area was established in 2021 at a celebration and witnessing ceremony at Lax an Zok on the Meziadin River. The protected area encompasses more than 50,000 hectares of critical spawning habitat for Nass River sockeye, coho, and spring/chinook salmon as well as other species such as steelhead and bull trout.

The protected area also includes the Hanna Tintina Conservancy and the Meziadin Lake Provincial Park and Campground. The Hanna Tintina Conservancy was established in 2013 as a key outcome from the Gitanyow Lax’yip Land Use Plan (2012) with provincial legislation under the Park Act.

When Gitanyow learned of significantly increased abundance of spawning activity in Strohn Creek, another tributary of Meziadin Lake, in 2016 action was immediately taken to expand the Hanna Tintina Conservancy. Strohn had not historically been known for salmon spawning, but rather Hanna and Tintina were the main producers in the Meziadin system. Unfortunately, the provincial government told Gitanyow that the Conservancy could not be expanded because of mineral tenures which had been established in the Strohn and Surprise Creek drainages, without Gitanyow knowledge, consultation or consent.

an Indigenous Protected Area

After several years of unsuccessful efforts to expand the Conservancy, Wilp Wii Litsxw took the leadership and acting in Gitanyow Ayookxw (laws) to establish an Indigenous Protected Area.

At the launch event of the protected area in August of 2021, and immediately thereafter, Gitanyow distributed a draft copy of the Management Plan for the protected area. Stakeholders, local government, neighbouring First Nations, provincial and federal governments were invited to review and provide input and comment on the plan. After a 6 month review period, the Management Plan was finalized and re-distributed to the above listed parties.

To overlay the Protected Area with any proposed activities, please download the shape files for the Meziadin Indigenous Protected Area.

Gitanyow remains open to discussions with the provincial government and other parties to recognize the Indigenous Protected Area. Regardless of the outcomes of such discussions, Gitanyow and specifically Wilp Wii Litsxw will continue to uphold and implement the Management Plan, including allowable and prohibited activities.


On August 23, 2023, The Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs and Wilp Wii Litsxw joined in the celebration and commemoration of the second anniversary of the establishment of the Meziadin Indigenous Protected Area (MIPA). This milestone event marked a significant step forward in the preservation and stewardship of Gitanyow Nation’s Lax’yip (Territory), an area encompassing the heart of the Nass watershed in northwest British Columbia.

Gitanyow’s Lax’yip is a sanctuary for diverse wildlife and a vital source of glacial-fed waters, including the Meziadin watershed; home to one of Canada’s last thriving populations of wild Sockeye salmon, making its conservation of utmost importance.

MIPA exercises Gitanyow’s Ayookxw (supreme law) and utilizes Western and traditional science to develop a complex understanding of the ecological health of the Lax’yip and takes the necessary steps to address the pressing challenges posed by climate change.

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the story of the establishment of the Wilp Wii Litsxw Meziadin Indigenous Protected Area

the story of the establishment of the Wilp Wii Litsxw Meziadin Indigenous Protected Area

the story of the establishment of the Wilp Wii Litsxw Meziadin Indigenous Protected Area


The best wild sockeye salmon on the planet, harvested and processed by the indigenous Gitanyow Nation directly from Meziadin Lake Watershed the lifeblood of the Nass River, in Northern British Columbia, Canada.

From the people of Gitanyow, right to your table. View our video for more details.