For Immediate Release: Gitanyow Challenges Ksi Lisims LNG To Prove GHG Reduction Promises

Feb 9, 2024 | Climate, Fisheries, Ksi Lisims LNG Project, LNG Development

Urges Halt to BCEAO Review Demanding Critical Studies Before Advancing


Gitanyow Lax’yip, February 9, 2024: The Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs (GHC) issued a detailed response to Ksi Lisims LNG’s letter, dated December 22, 2023, raising critical points challenging the project’s claims regarding climate impacts and fisheries in the Nass Watershed.

Ksi Lisims LNG proposes a floating LNG export facility in the Nass River estuary to produce 12 million tonnes of LNG annually. The project requires a new massive pipeline for transporting fracked methane gas from northeastern B.C. to the terminal, where it will be liquified and shipped to Asia.

Gitanyow questions the validity of Ksi Lisims’ assertion of being “net zero ready” with the “lowest GHG footprint of any global project.”  The response letter outlines Gitanyow’s concerns about the asymmetrical scoping of the project assessment, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive evaluation that includes upstream natural gas development, pipeline emissions, and hydroelectric development.

“To claim their project will reduce carbon emissions is simply not credible,” says Simogyet Malii/Glen Williams.

“The implications of the Ksi Lisims project for increasing drought, wildfires, and glacial recession within Gitanyow’s traditional territory and globally are alarming.  If Ksi Lisims LNG is dedicated to reducing climate impacts and GHG emissions, Gitanyow challenges the proponents to provide all evidence to support their claims.”

The GHC also expressed concerns about the potential impact of the LNG project on salmon populations in the Nass and Skeena Watersheds, which is vital for Gitanyow’s food security and cultural practices.  The response challenges Ksi Lisims LNG’s assessment methods and calls for a more thorough review of the potential effects on salmon and Bull Kelp habitats.

Since November 24, 2023, Gitanyow has sought answers from Ksi Lisims to determine whether a Gitanyow Wilp Sustainability Assessment Process (WSAP) should be initiated for the proposed project.  WSAP is crucial for reviewing major developments within Gitanyow Lax’yip (Territory) or those affecting Gitanyow rights.

In light of information gaps impacting Gitanyow’s decision-making, the GHC urges a pause in the current British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (BCEAO) review process until essential studies are completed.  Gitanyow is actively seeking additional details from Ksi Lisims LNG before initiating a WSAP assessment.

“Gitanyow calls for commitments from both Ksi Lisims LNG and the BCEAO to pause the review process until our requested information is provided,” declares Naxginkw, Tara Marsden, Wilp Sustainability Director for the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs.

“Additionally, if a WSAP assessment is initiated, Gitanyow requests collaboration to determine appropriate timelines, ensuring meaningful consideration in provincial decisions.”