Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs Launch One-Year Pilot of Wilp Sustainability Assessment Process

Feb 1, 2021 | Programs

On December 17, 2020 the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs Office informed the provincial and federal governments, as well as affected proponents of a one-year pilot phase to begin implementation of the Gitanyow Wilp Sustainability Assessment Process (“WSAP”).

The Wilp Sustainability Assessment Process will be the Indigenous-led assessment of major projects proposed within or affecting the Gitanyow Lax’yip (territory). The WSAP is the culmination of approximately three years of work developing a process that upholds Gitanyow rights and title, and sustainability principles of gwelx ye’enst and ensuring free, prior and informed consent (nidinskw) for any projects affecting Gitanyow rights and title.

The WSAP will parallel provincial and federal environmental assessment processes, and both levels of government have been consulted during the development of the WSAP. Moreover, both levels of government have recently acknowledged Indigenous-led processes in their new environmental assessment legislation.

Download a copy of the Wilp Sustainability Assessment Process

Download the WSAP Diagram