Gitanyow Lax’yip Stewardship Guardians

The Gitanyow Lax'yip Stewardship Guardians are the 'eyes and ears' on the Lax'yip (Territory) and provide a critical role in environmental and cultural monitoring. To learn more about this new program please watch:

Current projects include:

  • Gitanyow Wildlife Strategy
  • Moose Hunting Permitting Program
  • Fish & Wildlife Contaminants Testing
  • Participation in Environmental Assessments for major projects affecting the Gitanyow Lax’yip

To support the Gitanyow Lax'yip Stewardship Guardians, please visit: [GO FUND ME PAGE COMING SOON]

If you would like to make a charitable donation, please contact Tara Marsden, Wilp Sustainability Director, or Kevin Koch, Lead Guardians Biologist and Coordinator at 250-849-5373.

Visit the Gitanyow Wildlife Strategy on Facebook.